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(c)  Aaron Merrill Music & Sound.  All rights reserved.
Aaron Merrill is the principle owner of Precision Acoustic Design - a company that offers design and consulting services for professional recording studios, concert halls, and high-end home theaters.  
He is a registered member of the ASA (Acoustical Society of America) and AES (Audio Engineering Society) and is recognized as designing one of top studios of the year (Mix® Magazine, the industries leading professional audio publication distributed in over 225 countries)
Here’s a few of our recent projects...
Composer Studio: Lisle M
Post Production Studio: AMMS Location 2
Recording Studio: AMMS Location 1
Music Studio: Mark A
(Rubber Ball)
Writing Studio: Matt D
Mixing/Editing Room: Soularium B
Music Studio: Marko G
Music Studio: John P
Film Production Studio: Studio Ten05
Screening Room: Kaleidoscope Pictures