a few orchestral pieces:

“Deadly Ambush” - picture walking cautiously and slowly through the foggy woods...and suddenly...they attack!  (about 1 min. into the piece)
“Opening Up” - a thoughtful, personal piece that features solo piano and lush orchestra.
“Magical Story” - an orchestral adventure piece, with elements of imagination and courage.
“Big Adventure” - after the anticipatory intro, this orchestral piece develops into a fun, light energetic mood with a big “Monday Night Movie” ending.
“Armada” - a dark, somber, more serious orchestral piece that matures and grows to an intense ending.
“Heroes Return” - after the first 30 sec. (intro) the piece goes to a classic American Heartland orchestral feel.
“First Light” - a light, piano/orchestra piece with light percussion
“Last Ride” - represents the culmination of Charly’s memories as she and her husband realize it’s the end.

a few hybrid pieces:

“Introspection” - a time for honestly looking inside and evaluating what’s most important in life. Featuring female vocal sounds and hybrid instrumentation.
“Wright Brothers” - a more organic piece that communicates innovation and features more ethnic instruments.
“Paint Life” - a passionate, artful piece featuring female voice
“A Heartbeat Away” - the theme song from the Motion Picture “Charly”.
“Opener” - a funky bass line, yet light and inviting. Designed to work under dialogue.
“Closer” - a light imaginative piece featuring choir and orchestra with a percussive drive.  Also designed to work under dialogue.
“The Magic Within” - one person really can make a difference.

a few stylized short clips:

“Business Opportunity” - a fun, fast, jazz piece for the guy that calls you out of nowhere and wants to come to your house and give a presentation.  From the Motion Picture “Believe”.
“Sterego” - a suspicious conspiracy theorist sets up his evil plan
“Howards Band” - a fun, light hearted small jazz band piece from the Motion Picture “Howard W. Hunter”
“Reminiscent” - 1920’s old love song style, reminds of days gone by.
“CNBC 2” - an aggressive upbeat piece for the fast-paced financial markets
“CNBC 3” - another version with a high energy “retro” vibe
“Ultimate Question” - features a modern bass grove
“7 Habits of Highly Effective People” (unabridged) - a modern vibe with female vocal
“7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” (unabridged) - after a brief “global family” intro, the piece breaks into a hip younger generation vibe, with world beat elements.
“The 8th Habit” - features solo cello and a moody piano texture
“AGR” - cool vibe, with ethereal vocal
“6 Most Important Decisions” - features a “Coldplay” cello groove, with modern guitar
“Police” - classic spy “Mission Impossible” style clip
“Penenski Hour” - the mysterious other world, deep in strange thought
“Man on the Street” - a funny, goofy sounding comedic clip
“The MLM Recovery Center” - the humorous, psychotic place that conveys the innocence of a child-like but twisted mind
“Goldsmith” - a guitar/piano/cello clip
“Marriage Matters” - a light piano piece that both the husband and wife can enjoy
“The Leader in Me” - helping children discover the leader within
“Kid 2 Kid” - kids playing sports, jumping around - features vocals toward the end.
“Funky Presentation” - a “wanna be” cool guy tries to impress his associates
“Mob Rides” - a dark and sinister group with painted faces and torches in hand ride on horseback to find and kill an innocent man.  

A brief Music demo

“A Brief Music Demo” - click to listen to a short music montage containing several “mini-clips” featuring a variety of styles.

A brief video demo

“A Brief Video Demo” - click to watch a short video containing some other clips.  http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/DeadlyAmbush.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/OpeningUp.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/MagicalStory.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/BigAdventure.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/Armada.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/HerosReturn.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/FirstLight.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/LastRide.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/GPFF.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/WrightBrothers.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/PaintLife.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/HeartbeatAway.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/Opener.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/Closer.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/TheMagicWithin.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/BusinessOpportunity.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/sterego.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/HHbandintro.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/HHSlowdance.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/CNBC2.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/CNBC3.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/UltimateQ.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/7Hab.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/7hTeens.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/8habit.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/AGR.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/6d.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/police.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/PeninskiHour.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/MOS.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/mlm.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/Goldsmith.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/MarriageMatters.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/LeaderInMeMusic.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/Kid2Kid.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/Presentation.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/MobRides.mp3http://www.aaronmerrill.com/mp3/demo.mp3video.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3shapeimage_1_link_4shapeimage_1_link_5shapeimage_1_link_6shapeimage_1_link_7shapeimage_1_link_8shapeimage_1_link_9shapeimage_1_link_10shapeimage_1_link_11shapeimage_1_link_12shapeimage_1_link_13shapeimage_1_link_14shapeimage_1_link_15shapeimage_1_link_16shapeimage_1_link_17shapeimage_1_link_18shapeimage_1_link_19shapeimage_1_link_20shapeimage_1_link_21shapeimage_1_link_22shapeimage_1_link_23shapeimage_1_link_24shapeimage_1_link_25shapeimage_1_link_26shapeimage_1_link_27shapeimage_1_link_28shapeimage_1_link_29shapeimage_1_link_30shapeimage_1_link_31shapeimage_1_link_32shapeimage_1_link_33shapeimage_1_link_34shapeimage_1_link_35shapeimage_1_link_36shapeimage_1_link_37shapeimage_1_link_38
s    a    m    p    l    e    s
s    a    m    p    l    e    s

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